December 10, 2010

Extreme Presentation Tools

We’ve consolidated all the most useful tools from the Extreme Presentation method here.  Feel free to contact us and let us know if there is anything you would like us to add.

The tools are below. In each case, click on the link below the image, not on the image itself.


1. Layouts that pass the squint test.


The layouts that pass the squint test can be found at

2. The Chart Chooser


The Chart Chooser is here in pdf form, and the dynamic version is at

3. Anatomy of a Conference Room Style Presentation


The Anatomy of a Conference Room Style slide is here.


4. Change This manifesto: Presenting to Small Audiences


The Change This manifesto, explaining the research behind the Ballroom/Conference Room style differences, is here.

5. Extreme Presentation Breaking News list

You can sign up for our email distribution list (2-3 emails/year) right here.

6. Extreme Presentation blog 

The Extreme Presentation blog is here.  A summary of some of the most popular posts is here, and my interview with McKinsey & Company’s communications experts is here.

7. Extreme Presentation books

Details on the two books on the Extreme Presentation method are here.

8. Prezi

6a00d8341bfd2e53ef0148c699dee6970c and my take on it.


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