June 18, 2007

Chart selector – in Portuguese

Prof. Kenneth CorrĂȘa in Brazil has kindly translated the Chart Selector into Portuguese. Here it is: A_abela_chart_suggestions_traduzido


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  1. Jorge Camoes says:

    There are some differences between Portuguese from Portugal and from Brazil, but this is a translation we can live with. A minor comment: in Portugal, “pie charts” are usually translated to “tartes”, a literal translation. Instead of pie, cheese, pizza or other food metaphor, I would translate “pie chart” to “circular chart”.

  2. Kenneth Correa says:

    That’s the beauty of Collaboration!
    Thanks Andrew for posting it, and thanks Jorge Camoes, for the correction!! Being in Brazil, and only discussing this things in english, i wasn’t aware of this specific linguistic characteristic.
    Good to know that that is portuguese-speaking people into visualization!!
    But before that, any more suggestions? I’ll translate this one, and any other you point, it and send it over again to Andrew.

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