June 26, 2009

Ballroom style presentations as video: Xplane on Leadership

I have long suspected that with the growth of online video as a communication medium, that ballroom style presentations will start to evolve into documentary style videos.  It doesn't take much; create a ballroom style presentation, add voice or music, click File/Save as Movie, and upload to YouTube.  

Of course, the greater your skill, the more professional-looking you can make it.  Xplane, the company founded by Dave Gray, has always been at the forefront of visual thinking.  Yesterday they released a video on leadership, in conjunction with the Leadership Initiative at the Harvard Business School.  It's a fine example of a Ballroom style video presentation.


6 Responses to Ballroom style presentations as video: Xplane on Leadership

  1. Glenn says:

    The video is amazing, but the canned, computer generated music really detracts from the message.
    They obviously spent enormous amounts of time on the video, and it appears they spent 5 minutes with GarageBand picking out a music track. It does not inspire, it does not say “follow me, I am a leader,” it says, cheap electronica jazz band made this.
    This really must be the next stage of presentation. This video would have been better with no music. Just the message and the quiet forcing you to think about the message instead of jazzing along.

  2. Andrew Abela says:

    Glenn, I think you are right. As presenters, we don’t usually think about sound tracks (one of the worst things you can have while presenting is a sound track in the background), so as we move to ballroom style video this is a new skills we’ll have to develop (or outsource).

  3. Wow, what a great video. I agree with Glenn that the music is a little distracting (being a music nut makes me feel that they could have gotten a lot better music for it).
    Beyond that however, I thought the video was great and think it goes beyond just what we can do as presenters, but really, what we should do as leaders!
    Thanks for the video link, I’m pumped to do some great work now!

  4. I imagine myself as a leader and I see I can’t be one. Is this an ad for a consultancy company selling training programs on leadership skills? :p

  5. This is the best blog for new ideas! Loved this!

  6. Sally Brett says:

    I turned off the sound. Still, midway through I was bored by the same pattern: rhetorical question, elaborated rhetorical question, answer, quotation. Message received. Next point please.

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