February 16, 2009

Advanced Presentation by Design Links

The following links are referred to in Advanced Presentations by Design and are listed here to save you from having to type them in yourself.

Page 3: Reference to Mehrabian 2007: Albert Mehrabian’s refutation of misinterpretations of his work (www.kaaj.com/psych/smorder.html)

Page 16, note 3: Myers-Briggs Foundation (www.myersbriggs.org)

Page 37, note 4: Gary Bencivenga’s blog (bencivengabullets.com/bullets.asp?id=23)

Page 64, note 7: Tom Asacker’s presentation “On Branding” (www.acleareye.com/thoughts)

Page 71: Lori Silverman’s Say It With a Story site (www.sayitwithastory.com)

Page 71: Malcolm Gladwell’s archive (www.gladwell.com/archive.html)

Page 73: Sources for cartoons (www.CartoonResource.com and www.CartoonBank.com)

Page 91, note 5: Sooper’s chronology of “Death by PowerPoint” debate (sooper.org/misc/ppt/)

Page 93, note 8: Halpern-Miller email exchange (members.shaw.ca/philip.sharman/miller.txt) and discussion of George Miller’s paper on Edward Tufte’s web site (www.edwardtufte.com/bboard/q-and-a-fetch-msg?msg_id=0000U6)

Page 101, note 5: Online version of chart chooser (www.ChartChooser.com)

Page 126, note 14: Arms and Influence blog (armsandinfluence.typepad.com/armsandinfluence/2006/08/death_by_powerp.html) and Watercooler Confidential blog (blogs.chron.com/watercoolerconfidential/2006/09/death_by_powerpoint.html)

Page 136, note 18: Powerframeworks (www.Powerframeworks.com)


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