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Our Chart Chooser has been very popular over the years, and translated into over a dozen languagesWe also developed a Slide Chooser, also popular, but it needed either a very large screen or it had to be printed on an 11 x 17" (A3) sheet of paper. 

Now we are pleased to present the Electronic Slide Chooser. It's the same idea as the Chart Chooser, but for slide layouts instead of chart designs. It helps you find a visual layout for your slide, depending on what the main point of the slide is. Start in the middle of the diagram. If the point of your slide is to explain something, move to the left, clicking on the number next to "To Explain How," or "To Explain Why," etc., depending on what you're trying to show with your slide. If the purpose of your slide is to recommend something, move to the right. Keep clicking through until you find a layout that works for you. Then click on that layout to download a slide template of that layout, which you can then fill in with your own information. 

Just one of the many useful presentation design tools in the Extreme Presentation Online Course

And in case you're wondering, here's what it looks like, fully expanded:

Slide Chooser

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