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Graduation 2019 - 2
Dear friends,

Five years ago, I took a break from the Extreme Presentation blog when the President of our university asked me to serve as Provost, his #2. It was an all-consuming assignment, and so I had to drop pretty much everything else. 

Now that that service is over, I am happy to be restarting the blog, and with an announcement. 

Many of you know that we've been teaching the Extreme Presentation method at several corporations over the years. (While I was gone, my colleagues continued to do this). We've been able to teach thousands of people the Extreme Presentation method this way, but if you didn't happen to work for Microsoft, or JPMorgan Chase, or Unilever, or  Google, then there was no way for you to take the workshop. 

We've now developed a self-paced, online version of the Extreme Presentation method. It's less like a training course and more like a presentation design guide, walking you through each of the 10 steps of the Extreme Presentation method and providing tools and tips all along the way as you work on your presentation. You can find more details here

We have of course moved all our live workshops online for the next while, and we've also started to offer open enrollment online workshops — we had a very successful one last month. 

It's good to be back. In my next post, I'll discuss using Conference Room Style presentations over Zoom. 

DiplomaP.S. The picture above is of Graduation 2019, my last as Provost (and, because of COVID-19, our last in-person graduation to date). It was a very special graduation for me because our oldest child graduated that day, and I had the pleasure of handing her diploma to her myself (left). We're very proud of her; she's now working towards her Ph.D. in Statistics at one of the top programs in the U.S. 

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