The S.Co.R.E. Method for Creating A Story

How do you take a pile of information and decide in what sequence to present it so that it tells a compelling story.  In my two books, I describe the S.Co.R.E. method for creating a story (stands for Situation, COmplication, Resolution, Example; note to McKinsey consultants and others raised on the Pyramid Principle–this is not the same thing at all). It's a very powerful tool–in my workshops, it is usually the top ranked tool of the day.  

In preparing a blog post today (which I will post shortly) I realized that it would be helpful to post some material about the S.Co.R.E. method.  Take a look at the following, if you haven't already seen them:

Extract from the documentary film Rethinking PowerPoint, where I explain the S.Co.R.E. method in brief.

Details about Step 6: Sequencing in the Extreme Presentation method, where the S.Co.R.E. method is applied.  

Checklist to make sure that your story is ready to be told

How the S.Co.R.E. method helps you handle transitions from one slide to the next.  

Of course, you can also read my books on the subject…

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