Coming Soon—The Presentation: A Story About Communicating Successfully, With Very Few Slides

Pres coverMy second book,
The Presentation: A Story About Communicating Successfully, with Very Few Slides, will be coming out in a couple of weeks


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The Presentation is an exercise in using storytelling for effective communication.  It teaches the principles of the Extreme Presentation method, which I covered in all their scientific detail in Advanced Presentations by Design, in a fast, easy to read and enjoyable format. 


The Presentation tells the story of David who, with the help of his boss, Barbara, and the enigmatic Professor Edwards, is preparing for the most important presentation of his life.  In a few short days, David will have to convince the Board that his division—along with his job and those of all his staff—is worth saving.  He has the data he needs, and he thinks he has a good case, but can he pull it all together in a way that will capture the Board’s attention and pitch his proposal successfully, in just a few slides…?


Follow David as he learns:

  • that you cannot add interest to your presentation, through fancy transitions, clip art, and so on; you can only draw out the interest inherent in it by solving a problem for your audience
  • that there is a vast difference between slides designed for a large, Ballroom style presentation to inform or entertain the audience, and a smaller, Conference Room style presentation to persuade or sell
  • how to decide what you should include in your presentation, and what you should leave out
  • and how to design a presentation when the goal is to persuade your audience to do something: invest in your company, buy your product, approve your project, support your initiative, or donate to your organization.


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