Layouts that Pass the Squint Test: a New Home

Some of you are familiar with the "36 layouts that pass the squint test." These are PowerPoint layouts that I designed myself to simplify the creation of slides that pass the squint test.  To access these slides, until now you had to download the entire file, and delete what you didn't want.

I am pleased to announce that the Powerframeworks site is now hosting the layouts in a way that allows you to download, individually, just the ones you want. You can find them here:

Layouts that pass the squint test
On the Powerframeworks site you will find several other layouts that pass the squint test, also for free, as well as their full collection of over 7,000 layouts.  The full collection requires an annual subscription of $249.95. They are kind enough to offer a discount to followers of the Extreme Presentation blog, of 20%, which brings the subscription down to $199.95.  I highly recommend the site, and I use the layouts myself.

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