Doing the Difficult Work of Keeping It Simple – Win a Free Book

Maxwell ecfc The advice "Keep It Simple" is so frequently tossed about that it can sound trite.  We all know its importance, but what we can tend to forget is that it is not easy to be simple.  It takes hard work to turn a complex idea into a simple message, but without that work, you will lose much of your impact.  

The leadership expert John Maxwell dedicates a whole chapter in his new book, Everyone Communicates, Few Connect, to talk about the importance of doing the difficult work to keep your communication simple.  I've recently become a big fan of Maxwell's work; I appreciate how he boils down useful, practical advice to make it simple and concise. 

The publishers of Maxwell's new book have sent me five autographed copies to give away to readers of this blog.  Here's a contest: send me your best Conference Room style slide, and the five best submissions (in my sole judgment) will receive a free copy of Everyone Communicates, Few Connect.  

If you are not familiar with Conference Room style slides, read this overview and my Change This manifesto. For instructions on how to submit your entry, contact me.  Deadline is June 30, 2010.  

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