Audience Analysis – Speak to Different Personality Types

The first step in the Extreme Presentation method for designing a presentation is to identify the communication preferences of the different personality types that are likely to be in your audience.  I like to use the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator for this.  For example, your audience will contain Introverts, Extraverts, or (most often) both.  Introverts need some kind of pre-reading–they need to be thinking about your material in advance.  Extraverts need lots of Question and Answer (Q&A) time, so if you have a one-hour presentation to a bunch of extraverts, don't go in with more than 30 minutes of content.  And if you expect a mixed group–as you will have almost always–then send the pre-reading to everyone (only the introverts will read it, which is just fine) and also allow lots of time for Q&A. More details on this here.

Adrian Bachmann, a market analyst at a major research company and a recent attendee at the Extreme Presentation workshop, emailed me and told me that he found the humanmetrics site useful for helping identify personality types. 

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