PowerPoint research

Not least among the many blessings arising from Olivia Mitchell's PowerPoint Design in 2009 project, for me, was discovering Jennifer Kammeyer's post on PowerPoint research.  As many of you know, I have been a big fan of using empirical research as a basis for figuring out what works in presentation design, and so I am delighted to come across someone else who shares the same passion.  

Jennifer's post includes a number of studies that I had not come across before, including one about headlines: 

students were better able to recall the main assertion of
slides when presented with a full-sentence headline written as an assertion
compared to a word or phrase headline (Alley et al., 2006).

My own work on the empirical research about effective presentation design is summarized in a brief article I wrote for Prof. Jeffrey Pfeffer's Evidence Based Management site, and presented in much more detail in Advanced Presentations by Design.  

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