The new “36 layouts that pass the squint test” – version 2.0, with SmartArt

In Office 2007,
Microsoft introduced its
SmartArt feature. According
to Microsoft,
SmartArt graphic provides a
visual representation of information so that you can
more effectively communicate your
message. Each graphic represents a different concept or idea, such as a process
flow, an organization hierarchy, a relationship, and so

Several of the
original Extreme Presentation layouts are included in the current set of
SmartArt designs.  This version (2.0) of the layouts now
includes those designs or adaptations of them.  We are working with Microsoft on future developments of the
SmartArt feature, and as new
designs are released we will incorporate them in new versions of the Extreme
Presentation layouts.

Download slide_templates_2-0.pptx.   

If you’re having trouble, try downloading this zipped version

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