Why You Do What You Do

Branding guru Tom Asacker has an interesting post today about why exactly we do what we do.  Reflecting on Tom's post is a good way to start this week, which promises (threatens?) to be no less bumpy than last.

As part of this post, Tom also articulated very clearly what is different about Advanced Presentations by Design:

… I know perfectly well that most people who've heard me speak over the past ten years have not changed their behavior.  I've watched.  :)  And that's why if you're trying to get people to change their behavior, you should not emulate the presentation styles of people like me, Godin and Peters.  We don't present to gain consensus.  We present to inspire the crowd, and hopefully transform the thinking of the handful of inquisitive and receptive listeners.

If you're interested in creating communication that does drive group consensus and specific action, I suggest you read my friend Andrew Abela's new book, Advanced Presentations by Design

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