New presentation tool/reference source

We have just launched the new and completely redesigned Extreme Presentation website.  The central feature of the new site is the Design a Presentation section.  This section serves as a source for helpful tools and information for every step of the presentation design process. 

The section is divided into 10 parts, one for each of the ten steps in the Extreme Presentation method (audience, objective, problem/solution, evidence, etc.).  Each of the ten parts then contains a brief description of the action you need to take in this step, advice on how to do it, and also a Resources section.  The Resources section provides links to useful tools and additional guidance relevant to the step you are working on.  These include links to earlier blog posts, tools such as the online chart chooser, and also particular page references to Advanced Presentations by Design (APbD)

Design a Presentation will serve primarily as a ready reference guide for people who have already taken the Extreme Presentation workshop and/or read APbD, but it should also be useful to anyone who has done neither and is looking for specific, practical guidance on designing a presentation that will drive action. 

The new site also has additional features, such as copies of the worksheets from Appendix A in APbD, as well as a list of links from the book that will save you from having to copy them from the book and type them into your browser. 

We intend to continue adding new material to the site.  Please feel free to email any comments and suggestions via the "Contact Us" page on the site. 

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