The Extreme Presentation™ Method

If your job impact and success depend on making effective presentations, you will have realized that over the past few years audiences have become more distracted, demanding and skeptical. The 40-slide, text-heavy PowerPoint™ presentation just doesn’t work anymore (if it ever did). You don’t enjoy death by bullet-point, so why should your audience?

It’s an extreme presentation challenge, which needs an extreme solution: the Extreme Presentation method.

The Extreme Presentation Method is a simple but effective design approach for creating presentations that are clear, convincing, visually captivating – and brief. The approach builds on leading theory and decades of experience designing and delivering presentations. It integrates the five essential elements of an effective presentation:

• LOGIC: the persuasive argument
• RHETORIC: the story that brings the argument to life
• GRAPHICS: the visuals that deliver the evidence convincingly
• POLITICS: the influence methods for persuading the audience
• METRICS: measurement of the presentation’s success

The Extreme Presentation™ method is taught in a one-day workshop. During the workshop, participants apply the method to a presentation of their own, and they leave the workshop not just with a firm grasp of the method, but also having worked on and substantially developed a powerful presentation of their own, for their next big meeting.

For more information, please visit the Extreme Presentation blog.

I receive frequent requests for the 36 Pages that Pass the Squint Test. They can be found here.

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