36 slides that pass the Squint Test

Layout_options_1_3 In an earlier post, I explained how to design pages that pass the squint test, to achieve the simplicity aspect of what Edward Tufte calls "simplicity of design and complexity of data." At that point I promised to share 36 examples of such pages. Here they are; you can download them in two versions.  The first version is a .pdf file with thumbnail images of all 36 options, six per page for a total of six pages, which you can quickly flip through each time you are trying to decide on a page design (these are the ones that are illustrated here on the blog). The second version is a PowerPoint file with all the 36 slides; copy the relevant ones to help you create your own presentations.

Download 36_page_layout_ideas.pdf and Download SlideTemplates.ppt  Please send me examples of any new variations that you create, and I will post them on this blog for others to use.  Layout_options_2_2





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